samedi 27 septembre 2014

Engagement Rings and Their Significance

Engagement rings are worn by couples who have mutually accepted their proposals and are about to marry in certain time. Although the practice of exchanging rings was first a tradition followed by men to propose women, but nowadays, rings are being exchanged by both men and women. Engagement represents an agreement or commitment between two couples. An engagement ring thus is not just a piece of jewelry but a ring that represents the communion of two lives, two souls who are connected forever with the bond of love. It significantly symbolizes the everlasting love and dedication in between couples.

Your engagement is one of the most special days of your life. It play an important role in that special day. It represents the emotional bond in between two people and a far deeper meaning than we can understand. Well, since ages, the engagement ring is worn in the ring finger of your left hand and the after wedding; a wedding ring is added to it. Thus, you have two rings on the ring finger of your left hand, symbolizing your engagement and wedding. However, it is completely your decision whether you want to wear one ring or both the rings. Even in today's date most of the people prefer wearing both the rings as it represents loyalty and seems to be more romantic. The ring finger is known to be the house of the love vein. Due to this purpose it are worn by in this specific finger.

The engagement ring represents the strength of the relationship, commitment and companionship. Thus, the choice of an engagement ring becomes extremely daunting without prior knowledge about it. Buying a ring can be easy if you have an idea about the choice of your lady. If you are quite sure about what you want, then you can buy a perfect ring for your bride-to-be. Diamond rings have become very popular as engagement rings. The bespoke settings of diamonds on golden or platinum bands add a mesmerizing effect on the ring which will make your beloved spell bound. It is completely your decision to choose which type of a ring you. The way diamonds represent transparency, purity and strength, ruby represents love and passion. You can also go for a blissful solitaire ring, or an exotic emerald ring. Whatever you choose, it should depict the essence of your relationship.

If you want a unique and classy engagement ring for your partner, you can go for designer engagement rings. It is unique in design and their perfect cuts will add flair to your magnificent ring. The sophistication and elegance of designer rings will make this special moment for your beloved even more extraordinary. However, it is important that you keep in mind the significance of it and choose the one which symbolizes the matrimony and the commitment of love. Remember, your engagement is a once and for all moment, and you should celebrate and rejoice it again and again and this will be possible only when you choose the most depictive ring.